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Clinton County Citizen Transparency Now Available!


Clinton County's Citizen Transparency site provides financial transparency to the public with easy access to Clinton County's expenditure, revenue, budget, and payroll information for the current fiscal year, as well as a historical view of previous years. This interactive website can be used to search details of county expenses and revenues by category, department, fund, government area and vendor. The data within this site covers every level of county finances, from fiscal year payments to individual vendor payments.


News Release, January, 2016

New tax amounts are available on our website. The tax information is found under the “tax” tab of the parcel.

News Release, January 28, 2016

Fees Refunded for Local Governments, Schools

Clinton County Auditor Terry Habermehl returned $200,000 to local governments, school districts, and other entities that levy property taxes in Clinton County. The money was returned from checks and wire transfers according to Habermehl.

Real estate assessment fees are generated annually from a small percentage of the county's total real estate collections. These fees are specifically designated by state law to be used by the Auditor for real estate and appraisal work.

"The office has worked hard to improve efficiency and reduce costs,"said Habermehl. "This has allowed us to reduce these fees across the county. Good government uses only the money it needs to provide required services. I do not believe that governments have to spend every dollar they get from taxpayers, and we haven't," he added. "What is not needed for current or future expenses, we give back. Ultimately, I would like to return the money directly to taxpayers, but the law requires it go back to the original taxing entities," he continued.

Among the largest beneficiaries of the fee refunds are the county's local school districts who received $112,306 in refunds with Wilmington City Schools receiving the lion's share with over $59,580. Clinton Massie Local Schools will enjoy $21,600, while East Clinton Local received $18,044, and Blanchard Local received a check for $13,082.

In addition to the schools, the county's townships received refunds totaling more than $13,084, The city of Wilmington received a check for more than $9,259, the villages share was $2,399, and the special levies also benefited with $9,561 in refunds.

Clinton County's General Fund and county-wide levies shared an additional $36,602 as a result of the fee refunds.

Habermehl has previously returned more than $200,000 to Clinton County governments in the form of reduced real estate assessment fees over the last four years.

To review the distributions, Click on this link. $200K Excess REA Jan2016 Distribution Rpt

News Release, January 20, 2016

Clinton County Auditor Terry Habermehl today announced that Current Agricultural Use Value (CAUV) renewal applications were mailed on Friday, January 15, 2016. The Auditor is reminding Clinton County farmers that their signed applications must be returned to the Auditor’s office by March 7, 2016.

For those farmers who provided the Auditor’s office with an electronic mail (email) address, their renewal applications were sent electronically. “This is the first year we have sent the applications out electronically,” Habrermehl said. “It is quicker, saves the taxpayers money, and is more convenient for farmers because they can return their signed forms to the office through email. The response to this new service has been positive,” Habermehl added.

Any farmer currently on CAUV who did not receive a renewal application or who has questions about their renewal forms should contact Deanna Liermann in the Auditor’s office immediately. “Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to renew your CAUV applications and to ensure that we receive them from all of our farmers,” Habermehl concluded.

News Release, January 14, 2016

“The Ohio Department of Agriculture, Chief Deputy State Sealer has asked county auditors to be on the lookout in their jurisdictions,” said Habermehl. “Customers are encouraged to use gas pumps that are easily in view of the attendant, located in areas that are well lit, and to never use a debit card when purchasing gas,” he added. Criminals have been placing skimmers in gas pumps around the region in attempts to steal credit and debit card numbers.

Mr. Habermehl warns customers to be extra cautious when purchasing fuel. If consumers notice that a gas pump may have been tampered with, it should be reported immediately to the county auditor’s office and the local police. “Customers should not touch or try to remove skimmers and are encouraged to review their bank statements for fraudulent charges,” Habermehl advised.

Auditor Habermehl wants to reiterate that Inspector Keltner has been checking local gas pumps for skimmers and so far, no skimmer devices have been found in Clinton County.

News Release

Dog tags officially go on sale Tuesday, December 1, 2015 for the 2016 license year. Clinton County Auditor, Terence G. Habermehl, will be sending out renewal applications to all owners who purchased a 2015 tag.

The last day to purchase 2016 Clinton County Dog license without a penalty being assessed is January 31, 2016.The cost of a single dog license is $14.00, and a kennel license is $70.00.Recent law changes allow dog owners to now purchase three year and permanent dog licenses for their dogs. The cost of a three year license is $42 and a permanent license is $140. After February 1, 2016, the Ohio Revised Code requires the Auditor to charge a penalty equal to the fee of the license for late registration. Thus, regular tags will be $28 each and $140 for kennels starting February 1, 2016.

Regular dog licenses can be purchased in the CLINTON COUNTY AUDITORS OFFICE in person any time during the year.

The Auditor’s Office has contracted with Fairfield Licensing to offer a convenient method of purchase for Clinton County residents through online registration. There is an additional $2 charge per tag for this service. Please visit to take advantage of this service. Residents can also access the service via a link on the Clinton County Auditor’s home page.

December 1, 2015 through February 1, 2016, Mr. Habermehl has also authorized the following local retailers to sell dog tags for an additional fee:


If you are unable to make it to any of the listed locations above, you may send your dog and owner information to the Auditor’s office and a tag will be issued and mailed back to you. Please include an additional $1.00 processing fee for this service to cover postage and mailing costs.

Kennel licenses can be renewed through the mail with the renewal application that is being mailed out to previously registered Kennel owners. NEW kennel licenses can ONLY be purchased at the Clinton County Auditor’s office on the First floor of the Courthouse. If you have questions concerning your eligibility for a kennel license, please contact the Auditor’s Office for more information.


Clinton County Auditor Terry Habermehl announced that his office is beginning the process of a state mandated reappraisal of all properties.
“The county auditor is required by law (O.R.C. 5713.01) to complete an appraisal on each property in the county at least once every six years.
This reappraisal is a major undertaking, and Clinton County is partnering with Appraisal Research Corporation to complete the project,” Habermehl said.
“New values will go into effect January 1, 2017 and will be payable on the 2018 tax bills,” he added.

Beginning this month and running through March, 2016, there will be teams of photographers that will be obtaining photos for use in the reappraisal process, according to Habermehl.
“These individuals will be working on behalf of the Clinton County Auditor’s office, but are employed by Appraisal Research Corporation.
They will be identified with Appraisal Research Corporation badges, safety vests, and car signs,” he continued.

The auditor indicated that a letter from the auditor’s office will be sent to each residential and agricultural property owner prior to beginning photography in an area.
“This letter will serve as notice that the photography teams will soon be in your area, and will request verification regarding
property information to assist the auditor in ensuring the accuracy of your property characteristics,” Habermehl stated.

Questions should be directed to the Clinton County Auditor’s office at 937-382-2250 between
8:00 am and 4:00 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and 8:00 am – 3:00 pm on Wednesday.

To view Ohio Revised Code 5713.01 please visit

**2016 Dog Tags will not be available for purchase on-line through the website from November 1, 2015 through November 30, 2015. 2016, 1 year Regular Tags will be available for purchase beginning December 1, 2015.

 Visit to purchase your dog license online.

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Homestead Exemption Program Expanded - State Legistlature has expanded the Homestead Exemption Program, a property tax reduction program, for all senior citizens and permanently disabled homeowners. Visit the Homestead Exemption page for more information and to download an application.

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